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Life's too short for boring cars.

Cars are expensive to buy, and expensive to run.  We depend on them, every day.  And we spend a lot of time in them.  So you may as well buy a car you love, one that you enjoy, one that puts a smile on your face, because L2SFBC.

That's my motto, and here you can find what I've written about it.  Or follow the latest on the Facebook page.


Irrregular ramblings on the subject of cars:

  • The 4X4 Blog - anything and everything to do with offroading
  • The Car Blog - anything and everything to do with other cars, usually my Toyota 86


Various things of interest to car people.


The 4WD Handbook

The most detailed guide to offroad driving on the market.  Covers how and why 4WDs work, how to drive them on all manner of terrain, how to recover and how to choose accessories.

The 4WD Glovebox Guide

A field reference for offroad drivers, focusing on the essentials you need on a trip. Mapping to the National Competencies.  Designed as a companion to the 4WD Handbook.

4WD Treks Close to Melbourne

Twenty 4WD trips as close to Melbourne as possible.  Ranging from easy dirt roads to low-range work, with detailed trip notes.

GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia

This book explains in details how GPS works and how to use it to navigate offroad, including UTM, lat/long, datums and much more.



Like cars?

How about some nice mugs, photos, cups and lots of other goodies?